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The Best Tricks to Increase Sales for the Holidays

Some of the best shopping experiences that a consumer faces might be during the holiday season. Due to the extent of such festivities, people tend to require a lot of items, and that very need demands to be satisfied. But increased competition and other factors need not necessarily make consumers come to your store, and […]

Audiovisual Technological Update Workshop

After having performed twice the Venezuelan Film Festival, Mérida 2005, Mérida 2006 and Mérida 2007, has made us reflect on the urgent need to maintain a constant update in the training of those involved in the Latin American audiovisual area, both professionals and students. In this way, we continue to propose this training instrument, composed […]

The Audiovisual Factory Shopping Spots

The Center for Aesthetic Research of the Universidad de los Andes and the Venezuelan Association of Aesthetics, together with the Foundation for the Development of Art and Culture (FUNDEARC), organizers of the “Festival of Venezuelan Cinema”. They invite to the 1st International Symposium of Aesthetics and Cinema on the “Languages ​​of the Audiovisual Factory” from […]

Feature Films In Competition 2018

In the mid-nineteenth century, in a small Venezuelan town, Father Giovanni and a scribe write the story of a supernatural case that they have witnessed, it is the story of a mysterious spectrum, which the townspeople have baptized as “El Silbón”. At the present time, we know a family made up of Gabriel and Mayra, […]

2008 Venezuelan Film Festival

Cinema is a form of artistic expression and the Venezuelan Film Festival allows professionals, amateurs and the general public to know the work that is done in Venezuela, delighting in the quality and effort of our filmmakers to produce works that occupy places of honor in the main theaters of the world cinema, thus recognizing […]